Wm. A. Kerr

The William A. Kerr Foundation is a private family foundation established as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity in May, 1998 and fully funded in January, 2000.  Although registered in the State of Washington, the Foundation is managed by two co-trustees, John H. K. Sweet of St. Louis, Missouri and William R. Sweet of Walnut Creek, California, who are Mr. Kerr’s nephews.

The Foundation is dedicated to its grantor, William Ashton Kerr, who lived from July 8, 1907 to September 3, 1997.  He was born in Illinois and grew up in East Orange, New Jersey and later Detroit, Michigan.  A single man from a small family he developed early in life enduring interests in saving, investing and traveling.  He worked hard as a CPA, invested wisely, retired and traveled extensively throughout the world.  He loved and appreciated the beauty and forces of nature.  He admired and respected the various peoples and cultures he encountered in the many different countries that he visited.  He lived frugally and valued self-sufficiency, independence, and helping others.  By the time of his death he had grown a portfolio worth over fifteen million dollars all of which he dedicated to be used for charitable purposes.  In his honor the co-trustees diligently strive to pass on help and hope to others.

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