Facility Use

The Foundation's 5200 sq. ft. building at 21 O'Fallon St. in St. Louis, Missouri has three primary functions:

  1. It is the official office for the Foundation's work in St. Louis.
  2. It is a rehabilitated 1895 building that has been brought to LEED Certified Platinum Status and is meant to be a showcase of sustainable and "green" building practices suitable for homes and small businesses. Tours of the building are available by appointment.
  3. At times the building is also available free of charge for use by non-profit organizations.  The organization should be a registered non-profit and should review the following guidelines before applying to use the space. 
    • Approved Uses include but are not limited to school group tours, educational classes, lectures and symposia, board meetings, board retreats, donor appreciation parties and fund raisers.
    • Unapproved Uses include but are not limited to personal use events such as birthday parties or wedding receptions, events where the purpose is for a person or business to make money, religious services or promotion of religious views, direct social services to private individuals or classes, and support of political candidates or political parties.

Approved parties must comply with the Facility Usage Policy and the License Agreement.

The William A. Kerr Foundation reserves the right to accept or reject requests for use on a case by case basis. If making a request, please fill out the Facility Use Request Form at least 30 days prior to the desired date of the request.


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